A quick overview of tips for coping with low mood

Here are some helpful hints for coping with low mood that my clients have consistently found helpful:
+ Gratitude journal. Write down at least 3 things you are grateful for each night
+ Do something different: write out a list of things you can do to break out of a low mood cycle. Something to take you out of your head. Jumping on the bed, singing out loud in the shower, going for a jog. The more different to the norm, the better.
+ Recognise when it’s all getting too much and take yourself out of the situation for a short while (and communicate this to the kids). I’m really struggling right now and need some time to do Simran/deep breathing/meditation + Keep on telling yourself ‘this too shall pass’ when it all feels too much. Have some mantras/affirmations on post-it’s around the house + Connect connect connect. Spend time with people who uplift you/make you laugh
+ Check the balance between stressors and releasers in your life (google the stress bucket)
+ Do not buy into negative thoughts: do not take too much notice of your thoughts. When we’re down we ruminate over how terrible we are, how it’s all hopeless etc. But thoughts are just thoughts, they are not truths!!! If you can recognise them for what they are (just passing mental events) they lose their power
+ Meditation. Find out about mindfulness. There are some great apps out there. Calm, Stop Breathe Think, Headspace, the Mindfulness App.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for links to self-help material online, book recommendations, or to arrange a free consultation.




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